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Make a sunflower, sky shines bright, I'll have teriyaki dinner tonight~!! X3333333333

Name:Clare, of course!~^_^
Nickname: Kuu, Kumune, Glassy X...., SHE *yes, i am very privelegeed to be called SHE, because it goes 'oh, SHE's here again' *whisperwhisper* and my friends just smile and shake their heads. miennenenenenne! :p* Ki, Kiba, Emo, Tamen, Sei, Tame, Re, bunny, Rabbit... and bear. :3 no teddy bear tho toT the normal, ferokuss kind. :x oh, and Stalker mostly. :33
Age:14! and turning 5 this year!! T________________________________________________________________T
Birthdate:..... figure it out. Xx (the day US (not us!! US!! xdd) terrorists hate. They day malls are decorated with the flag. . . clue enough?
Height:eto..... 159 cm? last measurment. I think i shrunk ;_______;
Likes:eya! yosh. funky lights?? gothica, mythology, fiction, letters r s t y x v i l n e a u , randomage, jrock, soft rock, emily dickinson poetry, Art, singing, running (alot alot, i run all the time XP srsly), fields, birds, anything to do with the imagination whether it be sci fi mech erotica etcetcetc that puts alot into it doesnt it XPPPPPPP, sports (esp soccer and fencing) XP click.
Dislikes:I HATE people who stereotype. Who are closedminded. And when i have creativity flow Blockage. XP MEEA WANT TO DRAW... i get very angst. Like a pile of plush pudding. *pokes* go here. Another small list. Also: Copy and pasted from furuba rate - evil, hard cookies, disperfection, malfunctional, friendless, lonesome, pain, technology, a chained and strict mind (FREEEE SPIRITED PEOPLE, FREE SPIRITED!! born free, la la la la~...), when HOMOPHOBIC people make fun of homosexuals ( XP), stereotyping people by anything, the hospital, merciless , angsty manga (I try to avoid it, I dont like to cry), being told I'm wrong, being told off, unkind, scrambled discs, out of stock, 404, dead sites, guro, gore, no attention, missing out, stereotypes, closedmindness, slimey things (like pig fat, or congealed blood), throwup green.
Strong Points: Well.... the normal. should i copy and paste again? Ano.... sa. I will. I am extrevely determined for what i NEED. I refuse to waste anything unnecessary. Loyal. Friendly. Compassionate (almost to.. a weak point). Wise (i'm told i think like a 20 year old.), somewhat intelligent, athletic ( i'm teaching myself martial arts ^^:: because my mother... doesnt...?), competitive (very much so, it gets to the death of me sometimes XDD ), creative, tres energetic.
Weak Points:weaker? I'm just.. ANSGTY. *shame* And I have extreme typo disoder. And lazy. (which is why I'm posting parts of my other ratings here. che, figures.) Extremely short temper (heh. I burst out angry for such small things, got alot of pained knuckles because of it..), MOODY (my desinated let out day is Friday, just like that abusive father in Daughters of Eve by Lois Duncan. Smash me. Rebellious to danger heh, violent, daydreamer, dozes, apathetic (poke me. I wont smile.), forgets alot, rash, hasty, procrastinator, annoying, gets lost often (but it doenst really matter does it -.- I'll get back there someday... some how.... I just move, to the next destination.), short attention span, easily... persuaded, gullible, tries too hard to help everybody :'(, bendablepokeble basically abusable XP also has a habit of talking so fast she cant think and therefore confuses everybody to the point of extreme exasperation. Which then makes me mad. And then makes me break things. And then gets them mad. All one big happy family...
Pet Peeves: labeling. i HATE stereotypes. And change, i dont really like it. And my father. And when people dont listen to me. ironically, squealing, hyperventilating fans. Though I'm one at times. Also, people who dont know what PRIVACY means. Who basically try to know me. that, because i'm to fractured inside. Come in, and wipe your bare feet on the glass shards. Dont worry. It'll only hurt, for Kami's second. try it.

Hobbies: Hmn. I haven't been very active lately. Got all this computer fat sitting aroudn my waist. darn... my hobbies have been neglected in tah rain!! TOT Demo, they are as following: reading adult fiction (mainly yaoi, nowadays!!), writing fantasy fiction and yaoi, collecting info!!!!!!!!!!!!, researching, frequenting bbs boards (iichan, 4chan, not4chan, renchan, and kochan, respectively), drawing anime-style and abstract art, and generally being a foo. Tho lately i've been more of the stupid kind...
Talents: creativity, ranting, philosophizing, acting like a child, being annoying, running 200 meters, going all out to help others ^^;;, killing moods, being indecisive, being a wimp... .-. <-- upside down (getting myself into weird positions/situations), beating everything up ^^;; when i loose my temper WHENever.

Favorite Color: Lavender!
Favorite Food:mn... i'd have to refer to my fma rating for that. *flips back* chinese bitter melon, eggplant, spinach, tofu pudding, yuk zi tofu, bbq sauced meats, BEEF<3, grape popsicles, lemon candy, waffles, plain not salted rice cakes, tiramisu, squid sushi, carrot tempura, spagetti with cheese, hawaiian pizzzza, grapefruits, pomegrates, pinaapples!!, citrus fruits mainly, strawberry jello, apples... but I dont have an big enough stomach. *grumble* damn metabolism...
Favorite Sport: TRACK. fo sure. oh no love~, i mean ANYTHING not during a test. i fail at tests. *mumbles* ah! And soccer too. :)
Mature or Immature?: Mnn. You shouldn't ask me that. I'm completely 50% of each. Don't take, and die. X)
Leader or Follower?: My heart holds a follower, who strikes off on its own when the master deviates. That is my way.
Words you say would describe you:

Hm.......... WELL, I'm a stalker, most of all. I follow people around, because i'm dont feel charismatic.
Though, that might not mean a thing.
If i had a choice, I would be vie president, for everything. That way, i get the benefits, but not the high stress if a situation happens with the corperation. I'm also lazy. but I say carefree.
And i dont give a damn about you.
... unless you need help.
Then I'll give you my all. *nods* :)

What's your favourite pairing? Why?: ehehheh.... ... Well, actually, I like.... k's. I trhink i like JinXshino. Kawaii, somehow, because It's love to see Jin love. And oh~, how can you forge- *snickersnickerSNICKER* *cough* ahem. MUGENXJIN. w00t. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Gott, the yaoi is overtaking me. MUST MEDIATATE ON WRONGS OF YAOI!!!!!!!!! EVEN IF I'VE LOVED BOYS LOVE FORE 2 YEARS w0000000000000000t!! anniversay last week :33 HA HA.
What's your least favourite pairing? Why?: mn........... I'd say...

ETOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I cant say i have a nonfavortie pairing because everyone has a good soul inside, no matter what they are!!!!!!!!!1 Its not their fault Watanabe-san wrote them as villians!! Take that tall guy whom everone said was ugly..... T_T
Don't say I'm wrong. There are people out there who can't defend themselves. It's not that easy to say 'NO' to a bully, nowadays, still. Don't give me that teacher **** about being strong and shouting it out to attrack attention, because you cant look firm and serious while crying. you cant just stop tears from flowing whne you're just a child. So stop saying that.

If you got to choose a character in the show to be for 24 hours, who would it be? Why?: MUGEN. Because he can run #@%#%^@#%!~!!fast, and with a bead on his... head. back. thing. And it woudl be awesome if i were comparable to the -Great- JIN-SAMA-DOMO-ZOMGPOWER. hn.

Actually. Jin is like Sesshomaru. Yoooo, Jin-chan! Grow your hair and dye it! I wanna see you as a dog!! *smirks*

:33 De~mo! I'm not particular to- OH NOES!! Fuu!! <333333333 Fuu~! Fuu~!!! *cant stop saying Fuu~!!!! :DD*

How did you find this community?: I found it? .o. that's a surprise. Mmmn. I foiund it just now when i was searchign for S-S-SSS-SAMURAI CHAMPURU *hehheh, got the voice don! YOSH.* icons. and got sidetracked. OMG I HAVE TO GO BACK!!!! ...

Favorite character: MUGEN. as said. X33333
Why?: *oh, and *snickersnicker* te. I like my athletic, i-thought-I-was-seme!-ITAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIwtf-are-you-trying-to-~~~bliss~~~ ukes. ;D
ahmhm. I am a serious person. If you really must know why... I'll list them on my livejournal. When i have time.

Anything else?: I HATE MY GLASSES. They wont stopp sliding off my face, and when i was playing basketball, it upped and FLEW into and through the basket. oh w00t, SCORE. >.>

Ah! That's what i forgot!! I GOT RATED.... Kyou and Ayame Sohma from Fruits Basketto, Ouka Takatori from Weiss Kreuz, Bohn- EDWARD Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, Mirielle from .hack, Gaku Ichimiya!!!!!!!!!!! from Sukinamonowa Sukidakara Shouganai (or sukisho, for the fans!!), Ya-chan from Bleach<333333, shuichi shindou from GRAVITATION!, etoo and Naruto from Naruto!! Voted also: Kagura/Hatsuharu/Momiji from Furuba, Tamari from Naruto, Natsume from .hack, Hiromu from Sukisho, Wrath/Hughes/Al from Fma, Don kanonji ^^;;/Orihime from bleach, Sakano (thank GOD that didnt go through.) from Gravitation.

Remember to post at least 1 clear picture of yourself behind an LJ-cut (unless you aren't able to...then a description would be nice):

Mn! I'll repost my latest post!
I have short, ever messy black hair (though now that HAIRDRESSER cut it, it stays perfectly fine. NOOOO!!! *doenst like change* Demo, it is the mark of every good .. haircutter.), like Hanatarous (thicker though) and slanted bangs. I wear either dark blue, MAGENTA ewww, or metallic red glasses. I have mediuim size dark dark brown eyes, with my left eye slighly smaller. Not light-set. And I'm chine. XPP k?
done. HAHAohsht, 37 minutes this time. CRAP.
oh wait, no, i came down at... SHT. 43 MINUTES ON THIS DAMN THING. Minna-san, meet strangers,t longest dragging KUUYU-CHAN!! *sigh* Tawell! What is, is. :. Jya ne! Please rate me well, on-neeeee-gai? :)

~the palm-tree-haired kuu XDDDDDDYUSSRSLY right now that is. -.-

Please let this get through. Ikeike, Lijee! = . =
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